Small-bore Benchrest

Further to Small-bore Prone rifle shooting and competitions associated with that discipline there is another system of shooting called Benchrest . A shooter sits at an especially designed Bench and the fore end of the rifle on a Rest.

A lot of people think that sitting down and having the rifle sitting on a rest would be so easy that you couldn’t miss WRONG ! It’s a lot harder that you would think which makes it much more satisfying when you get a good score.

This is becoming more and more popular throughout the UK but is very prominent in the north of the country as a discipline for all ages. It is especially being taken up by many shooters who because of an increasing age and decreased upper body strength. Obviously with the rifle in the sitting position on the rest makes it much easier physically and does away with having to get down and back up again, something that befalls a lot of people who have shot for many years but find it less pleasure or even impossible. So Benchrest is the answer and allow many who fall into the group to carry on shooting and keep on enjoying the sport that many have done for many years.

There are many competitions organised for this form of shooting which include iron sights or scoped and as with all small bore competitions we shoot under the rules of the NSRA. Many shooters shoot Bench Rest purely because its different and they like it at prevoius Final Eley shoots at Bisley the age group extended between a young person of 12 to the verterans of 70 +.

One final bonus is the fact that you don’t need to wear the normal shooting jacket so should you be shooting outside you can always add another layer or two in the winter.