Black Powder

The other disciplines have taught you to use long arms.

Now Black Powder add the complexities of DIY loading, widens the methods of ignition to precussion, flintlock, even matchlock with the added delight of pistols and revolvers

Shooting Black powder is a world apart from the frentic pace of cartridge guns. You treasure each shot. You may of bought a mould but you chose the shape, cast the bullets. You have discovered how much powder your particular gun likes,you have carefully measured the charge of powder and you have poured it in, maybe added a filler to correctly position the bullet which maybe wrapped in paper or cloth. You gently tap the bullet down the barrel, with your knowledge that if the chareg in under or over compressed it will alter the muzzle velocity.

Do you hurry the shot after all that ?

Or wrapped up in the nostalgia and the unmistakable taste of powder from Long Sea Service Flintlocks Pistols from Nelson’s Day or Duelling Pistols
Le Page

Or maybe a Colt, Remington, Ruger or Rogers-Spencer revolver