New Rules for Members (Covid 19 Safety)

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Covid 19 response.

To all ARPC Members,

The following new additional rules/guide lines will apply until further notice.

Once on the range members are to comply with all Covid 19 and social distancing rules.

  1. Clubroom; Closed to all members except the nominated Range officer and for use of the toilet facilities, a maximum of two members only are allowed in the club room at any one time, Masks are to be worn.

      2. Toilet facilities; If the toilets are used by any individual member they are to clean and disinfect all surfaces before and after use.

      3. Booking in: The following rules apply.

    1. All who wish to attend the range and shoot must pre-book a slot on either the 50m or 100x range two days prior to the nominated opening times.
    2. Signing in sheets are to be completed prior to attending the range and handed to the RO on arrival.
    3. Once a member has booked in, they are to proceed to and report to the RO on that range.

     4. Range Fees; Members are to bring the correct cash to pay for their range fee, no change will be given. Or if a member wishes they may purchase a pre-payment card for the sum of £30, this            will then be punched each time the member attends. (a maximum of ten visits)

      5. Club Firearms and ammunition;  if any probationary or new member wishes to use any of the club firearms or if and member wishes to purchase ammunition they are to contact the                   FAC holder (Club Secretary) who will clean, disinfect and prepare the firearms for the individuals use, club firearms once issued are not to be swapped between shooters on the range.

     6. 50m Range; A maximum of six shooters on the firing line at any one time, shooting from the covered firing point is strictly forbidden. Club tables and chairs are not to be used, shooters                 may bring and use their own tables and chairs but are not to allow other members the use of these items.

                                                                                Once on the range members are to comply with the social distancing rules.

     7. 100x range; A maximum of six shooters on the line at any one time, if shooting from under the covered firing point then face masks are to be worn. The covered bench rest table may be                     used if permission is given and the table is cleaned and sanitized before and after use. All other tables and chairs are not to be used.

                                                                                 Once on the range members are to comply with the social distancing rules.

       8. Indoor range; Closed for all shooting

       9. Turning Target Systems/Static Targets; These are to be set up and operated by the range officer only, members are requested not to handle any target system or any targets, targets                   will if required be attached to the frames by the RO only.

      10.Range Equipment; If any member has the need to use any range equipment i.e. Bench rest tables, shooting mats, permission must first be sought from the Club safety Officer. If                                permission is granted the RO will ensure that all surfaces on that equipment are cleaned and disinfected both prior to and after use. Movement of equipment between ranges is forbidden.

      11. Handling and use of firearms and equipment between members; This is strictly forbidden unless a family bubble.

      12. PPE; If members wish to use gloves and face masks whilst on the range, they are to bring their own with them, the club will not be providing PPE for members.

Please note that any member who fails to comply with Covid 19 guidelines and rules will be asked to leave the range.


Graham Gough



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