Club Guest Days 2020

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Club Guest Days 2020.

The following dates will be allocated as Club Guest Days.

1. Sunday 19th January.
2. Sunday 16th February.
3. Sunday 15th March.
4. Sunday 19th April.  CANCELLED
5. Sunday 17th May  CANCELLED
6. Sunday 121st June  CANCELLED
7. Sunday 19th July
8. Sunday 16th August.
9. Sunday 20th September.
10. Sunday 18th October.
11. Sunday 15th November.
12. Sunday 20th December.

All members are to be aware that club guest days are open to family and friends of FULL members only of the club. No other person may attend these guest days.
Those members wishing to bring guests must forward the names of those attending to the Club Secretary 5 days in advance of the proposed date.

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